Massage therapists

Massage therapy involves systematic manipulation of soft tissues of the body to bring about specific physical benefits.

All massage therapists providing services to workers must follow administrative procedures and submit the allied health recovery request (AHRR) prior to delivering treatment services.

More information on the AHRR and how to complete it is on our allied health recovery request page.

A workers compensation guide for allied health practitioners provides essential information regarding the delivery of services in the NSW workers compensation system. We also strongly recommend you view our 15 minute webinar on the Allied Health Practitioner Framework.

Changes to approval for massage therapists

We undertook a review of the allied health practitioner management framework. The purpose of the review was to:

  • increase focus on recovery at work
  • improve consistency across the various allied health practitioner groups
  • reduce red tape.

As a result, massage therapists no longer need to be approved by us to deliver services in the NSW workers compensation system.

This change took effect from 1 January 2016.

What does this mean for massage therapists?

Training for massage therapists

All allied health practitioners are encouraged to complete the online allied health practitioner training program.

This helps improve capability and knowledge, especially in relation to the governance arrangements for allied health practitioners working within the NSW workers compensation system.

Refer to the Personal Injury Education Foundation (PIEF) website for further details.

Fees and invoicing

Massage therapist services are paid in accordance with the fees set out in the Massage Therapy Fees Order.

All invoices for treatment services must be consistent with the fees Order and the invoicing requirements.

A massage therapist is not entitled to recover from a worker, any amount in respect of treatment that exceeds the maximum fees stated in the fees order.

Further information

The guidelines for claiming workers compensation have additional information on how the claims process work, and what type of payments and expenses might be available.