The NSW State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) will not disclose or publish information, which identifies individual names, or potentially identifies sub-groupings of addresses, without consent or otherwise, in accordance with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998.

Access to the raw data is restricted to specific officers at SIRA for analysis and to assess the success of SIRA in meeting its objectives.

SIRA may gather more extensive information than stated above, in the following circumstances:

  • unauthorised attempts to access files which are not published on the SIRA website
  • unauthorised tampering or interference with files published on the SIRA website
  • unauthorised attempts to index the contents of the SIRA website by other websites
  • attempts to intercept messages of other SIRA website users
  • communications which are defamatory, abusive, vilify individuals or groups or which give rise to a suspicion that an offence is being committed
  • attempts to otherwise compromise the security of the web server, breach the laws of the State of New South Wales or Commonwealth of Australia, or interfere with the enjoyment of the SIRA website by other users
  • SIRA may make disclosures to relevant authorities where the use of the website raises a suspicion that an offence is being, or has been, committed. In the event of an investigation SIRA will provide access to data to any law enforcement agency that may exercise a warrant to inspect our logs

In some cases, SIRA may permit users to submit information or conduct transactions (eg licence applications, purchasing of publications) on its website. As there may be specific legal provisions relating to the use of information submitted for the purpose of conducting an official transaction with SIRA, the scope of the user's privacy in those cases will be explained on the transaction page.

SIRA does not have responsibility for the privacy policies or practices of third party sites linked to this website.

The feedback forms on this website enable users to comment on the provision of service.

The provision of personal details on feedback forms is optional. Users may provide personal details for the purpose of receiving a reply to their feedback. Any personal details provided will be securely stored and used for the purpose of improving the SIRA website and services.

SIRA may publish information about feedback on the site, but does not publish information that identifies or can be used to identify individual users.

Any complaints can be submitted by using the feedback form.