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  1. New CTP Scheme puts NSW drivers in pole position

    Today marks the start of the new CTP Green Slip Scheme, which will deliver significant premium reductions, refunds to around 4.2 million vehicle owners and greater protections for injured road users.


    ministerial media release

  2. Motor Accident Guidelines

    This notice announces the release of the Motor Accidents Guidelines, which apply to personal injuries resulting from motor accidents occurring on or after 1 December 2017.



  3. Woman pleads guilty to workers compensation fraud

    A first time offender pleaded guilty to defrauding the workers compensation system of $70,475.21 of which she obtained $38,995.98 herself.



  4. Massive savings on new Green Slip prices

    Prices for the new, lower cost CTP Green Slip scheme went live today, with a brand new price comparison website launched to help drivers find the best deal.


    ministerial media release

  5. New strategy to support small business

    A new strategy will help make it easier for small businesses to meet their work health and safety (WHS) and workers compensation obligations, and get on with running their business.



  6. Unqualified counsellor breached code of conduct

    In October 2016 the NSW Healthcare Complaints Commission (HCC) found that Mr David Kaye was providing counselling services at the Sydney Trauma Clinic when he had no formal qualifications in psychology or counselling.



  7. Motorists to receive Green Slip refunds

    The vast majority of NSW motorists will receive a CTP Green Slip refund next year as part of the NSW Government’s reforms that make the scheme fairer and more affordable.


    ministerial media release

  8. SIRA prosecution – workers compensation fraud

    SIRA recently prosecuted a man who pleaded guilty to defrauding the workers compensation system on two occasions, lodging a false claim himself and assisting in the lodgement of a second.



  9. Motor accidents bulletin - September 2017

    In this edition: updates on implementation of the new CTP Green Slip scheme including the new motor accidents guidelines and regulations, CTP Assist service, online claim notification system, claim forms and Green Slip Price Check.



  10. New digital service for SIRA Workers Compensation Merit Reviews

    SIRA has launched the Merit Review Portal, an online platform for workers requesting a merit review of an insurer work capacity decision.