Guidance material for claims assessors

If you’re a claims assessor appointed by SIRA under the Motor Accidents Compensation Act 1999, and are assessing a claim as a result of an accident prior to 1 December 2017, use these guidance materials to provide accurate and consistent claims assessment.

In brief

The Claims Assessment Guidelines sets out the way an Assessment Procedure is conducted. A Claims Assessor is to take such measures that are reasonably practicable to:

  • ensure that the parties to the application understand the nature of the application, the issues to be considered and the role of the Assessor as an independent decision maker;
  • explain to the parties any aspect of the procedure of the assessment, and any interim decision or ruling made by the Assessor during the course of the assessment, in respect of that procedure, that relates to the application
  • ensure that the parties have the opportunity to have their submissions considered; and
  • ensure that the parties have had an opportunity to explore the settlement of the dispute.

The Assessor is to take into consideration the objects of the Act and the objects of CARS at all times.


Your responsibilities as a Claims Assessor are outlined in the following documents:

Publications you might need