Assessors of permanent impairment

A permanent impairment assessor is a registered medical practitioner recognised as a specialist with qualifications, training and experience relevant to the body system being assessed.

An assessor must be listed on our website as a trained assessor of permanent impairment for each body system they intend assessing.

You can use our online tool to find a permanent assessor (or to see who's listed).

Assessors may be one of the injured worker's treating specialists or engaged on behalf of the injured worker, employer or insurer for the purposes of assessing the level of permanent impairment.

In assessing permanent impairment, the assessor must determine:

  • whether the injured worker's condition has resulted in impairment
  • whether the condition has reached maximum medical improvement
  • whether the impairment is permanent
  • the degree of permanent impairment that results from the injury
  • the proportion of permanent impairment due to any previous injury, pre-existing condition or abnormality

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Further information

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