Young drivers telematics trial

SIRA, in partnership with the NSW Centre for Road Safety, has completed a research trial exploring the potential for telematics to improve the safety of young drivers.

The trial ran from July 2018 to March 2019 with more than 700 young drivers participating in the study.  Drivers had a telematics device installed in their car, which collected data on the vehicle’s acceleration, speed and braking in real time.


Among young drivers who received telematics-based feedback, there were reduced rates of rapid acceleration, speeding, harsh turning and harsh braking.

What we now know is that if every young driver in New South Wales was to use this kind of technology there could be about 200 fewer crashes each year including 2 fatal crashes and 59 serious injury crashes.

Read the findings and the research report.

Next steps

The experience in this trial was consistent with patterns of telematics use around the world. The technology has enormous potential but getting people to use it can be challenging.

The next step is to undertake further research to help us better understand what would encourage young drivers to use telematics or similar technology to improve their driving on an ongoing basis.

In addition, we are now reviewing the findings of the report to consider the potential benefits of promoting wider telematics use.

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All participant data that SIRA holds has also been completely de-identified. We will continue to hold the de-identified data and use it for further research and analysis.

The young drivers telematics trial privacy statement details how we used trial participants' data and who had access to it during the trial.

SIRA’s privacy page also explains how SIRA collects, uses, stores, discloses and disposes of personal and health information in line with the NSW privacy laws.