Return to work coordination training

You must have the training, skills and experience to perform the role and functions of a return to work coordinator for an employer.

We have free online training available to help return to work coordinators meet this requirement.

There are currently 14 modules available to help to you learn about:

  • the NSW workers compensation system
  • what employers need to know
  • understanding the role of the insurer
  • working with the support team
  • return to work programs
  • tailoring a return to work program
  • recover at work planning
  • developing a recover at work plan
  • understanding the claims process
  • worker entitlements and
  • what to do when things don’t go to plan.

Who should complete the training?

This training is for people wanting to work as a return to work coordinator in NSW or existing return to work coordinators wanting to stay up-to-date with their requirements. It can also be completed by others who would like to find out more about workers compensation and supporting recovery at work.

Getting started

  1. Go to the return to work coordination learning portal
  2. 'Create an account'. You will be given a user log-in which will allow you to save your progress. You can also decide if you would like your details added to the SIRA return to work coordinator list to receive updates.
  3. We recommend that you complete the ‘How to use this portal’ module first to help you understand
    1. the system requirements
    2. how to navigate the portal
    3. how different roles will be represented.

More information

If you are experiencing technical difficulties or require more information, contact us on 13 10 50 or email