Transition to work program

This program helps pay for immediate or short term costs that might prevent you from starting work with a new employer.

COVID-19 update:

This program can be used to address a financial barrier that is preventing a workers from accessing new employment.

What do I need to do? Provide evidence of the financial barrier preventing you from accepting the offer of employment. Then submit your application to the insurer using the vocational program details form vocational program details form.

It provides funding of up to:

  • $200 to help you job-seek or start work
  • $5,000 to address immediate or short term barriers that prevent you from accepting an offer of new employment.

The funding could be used to pay for a range of things including:

  • travel costs
  • relocation and accommodation
  • child care
  • clothing and related expenses

Read the transition to work guidance material for more information.


You are eligible if you:

  • can’t return to work with your pre-injury employer because of your injury
  • have a barrier or need that is preventing you from finding or accepting new employment
  • are receiving or are entitled to receive, weekly workers compensation payments or recently stopped weekly payments because you started working
  • haven’t accepted a commutation or work injury damages settlement.
  • have used your entitlement to new employment assistance

How to apply

Speak to your workplace rehabilitation provider, or insurer case manager about using the transition to work program.

They will:

For information on what to do when a request to use a SIRA funded program has not been approved, find out how to request a review of a program decision.

Further information