Privacy Statement Consultation Submissions

Why we collect your personal information

SIRA is collecting your personal and/or health information for the purpose of undertaking public consultation. We will use this information to gather your views and feedback on important regulatory updates, reforms and reviews. The provision of personal and/or health information is voluntary as you may make your submission anonymously.

Any personal and/or health information provided by you will only be used for the purpose/s outlined in the relevant consultation or review. If you choose to provide your contact details, this may include contacting you to discuss your submission and obtain further information.

SIRA will not disclose your personal information without your consent unless authorised by law.

Your personal information will be held by SIRA at Level 14-15, 231 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW 2000. Please contact SIRA if you would like to access or correct this information.

For further information about how SIRA handles your personal information see

Will my submission be published?

If you wish to have your submission published on SIRA’s website, you must select the relevant option on the online form. However, we may decide not to publish submissions or to redact information in submissions, such as confidential information, prior to publication.

We may consider that your submission is confidential if it contains personal and/or health information or could be considered defamatory.  We will not publish these confidential submissions on our website, however we may use material from confidential submissions, such as quotes, case studies or other references in the report produced as a result of the consultation. If we do this, we will remove any personal and health information so that you or other people referred to in your submission cannot be identified.

We will not release confidential submissions to anyone without your consent unless required by law. Documents held by SIRA may be subject to a request under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act). In the case of a request under the GIPA Act there are likely to be relevant exemptions to production (including for material obtained in confidence and personal information). We would consult you about any request made under the GIPA Act before a decision is made about releasing information.