Cancelled CTP refunds

If your vehicle becomes unregistered, you may be able to ask your CTP insurer for a partial CTP refund.

You may seek a partial CTP refund if your vehicle no longer needs registration because:

  • your vehicle was ‘written off’ by an insurer or self-insurer
  • you took your vehicle to an auto wrecker
  • your vehicle was stolen.

You can cancel your vehicle’s registration at any time, you will need to go to a Roads & Maritime registry or Service NSW centre in person to do so.

After your vehicle’s registration is cancelled, Roads & Maritime or Service NSW will give you a letter or receipt that you need to provide to the insurer. If the vehicle is written off then you will also need to return the registration plates to Roads & Maritime or Service NSW.

Your insurer will use the date the registration was cancelled on the letter or receipt to calculate the extent of your refund from the unused portion of the Green Slip. The insurer may also deduct an administration fee.

If you sell your registered vehicle, you can’t get a refund from your insurer because the CTP policy stays with the registered vehicle. Any unused CTP amount should be considered as part of your sale price.

Further information

If you have an enquiry about applying for a CTP refund, contact

  • your CTP insurer
  • ServiceNSW on 13 77 88
  • CTP Claims Assist 1300 656 919 (8:30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday)

If you have an inquiry about registration, visit the Roads & Maritime Services website