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Workers compensation policy and premium You may have questions about whether you need a workers compensation policy, notifying your insurer of changes in wages paid, or other questions about your workers compensation premium
Help to support your injured worker to recover at work You may have questions about help available to assist you to provide suitable work for your injured worker such as what action you should take, who can help, and whether you could access SIRA funded programs eg for equipment, workplace modifications, training and other financial assistance.
Help if you can’t provide ongoing employment for your injured worker You may have questions about what you should do, who can help, and the support and options available for you and your worker.
Working with your insurer You may have questions about how to get in contact with your workers compensation insurer, or about what assistance your insurer can provide to assist you to get your injured worker back to work.
Workers compensation and JobKeeper payments You may have questions about the interaction between workers compensation payments and JobKeeper payments.
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If you need to change or view any information you have provided to us, please contact us on 13 10 50. For details about how SIRA manages privacy, or to contact our Privacy Officer, please visit our privacy page. Your information will be collected and held by SIRA at: Level 14-15, 231 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW 2000.