Customer service conduct principles

SIRA is consulting on proposed Customer Service Conduct principles for insurers dealing with workers compensation, CTP and home building compensation claims.

  • The Issue

    Consultation period: 08/07/2019 10:00 am to 19/08/2019 11:59 pm


    SIRA is consulting on proposed Customer Service Conduct principles for insurers dealing with workers compensation, CTP and home building compensation claims. The principles aim to ensure policy holders and people who experience injury and loss are provided with fair, timely, respectful, inclusive and appropriate services, and the opportunity to provide feedback on the service they receive.

    Under the proposed Customer Service Conduct principles, insurers will be required to attest to meeting these five principles:

    1. be efficient and easy to engage

    2. act fairly, with empathy and respect

    3. resolve customer concerns quickly, respect customers’ time and be proactive

    4. have systems in place to identify and address customer concerns

    5. be accountable for actions and be honest in interactions with customers.

    SIRA will be measuring insurer performance against those expectations and publishing the results. Customers will also have the chance to provide feedback on their experience quickly and easily.

    Consultation paper

    Our consultation paper details the plan to implement a consistent set of customer service principles as licence conditions across SIRA-regulated schemes in NSW.

    Consultation questions

    SIRA is specifically interested in your feedback to the consultation questions below, but please do not restrict your feedback to those questions:

    1. Are the customer service conduct principles sufficient and appropriate to protect customers and ensure confidence within the state’s insurance schemes?

    2. Are there other principles of customer service conduct that should be considered?

    3. How regularly should insurers attest to compliance with the customer service conduct principles? Is an annual attestation sufficient?

    4. What kind of matters should be included in the attestations made to SIRA?

    • Action they have taken to ensure compliance with the principles (for example governance and staff training)
    • Self-assessment of compliance with each of the principles (for example, an analysis of complaints)

    5. Should the attestations sought from insurers be at Board and/or management level?

    Next steps

    SIRA will review all submissions and prepare a summary of the feedback received.

    The feedback summary will be published on the SIRA website.

    Information provided through this consultation process will be used to finalise the standards of conduct.

  • Milestones

    Consultation stageKey dates
    Issues paper released8 July 2019
    Consultation period 8 July - 19 August 2019
    Summary of submissions2 September 2019

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