Watch for warning signs

You may have some common effects from the head injury which usually resolve in several weeks to three months.  These are called post concussive symptoms. Tiredness can exaggerate the symptoms.

Post concussion symptoms can include:

  • mild headaches (that won’t go away)
  • having more trouble than usual with attention and concentration
  • having more trouble than usual with remembering things (memory difficulties/forgetfulness)
  • feeling dizzy or sick without vomiting (nausea)
  • balance problems
  • more difficulty than usual with making decisions and solving problems, getting things done or being organised
  • feeling vague, slowed or “foggy” thinking
  • feeling more tired than usual and lacking energy (fatigue)
  • irritability. Losing your temper and getting annoyed easily
  • mood swings
  • anxiety or depression
  • mild behavioural change
  • more sensitive to sounds or lights
  • change in sleep patterns. Trouble sleeping or sleeping too much
  • reduced tolerance to alcohol