Recover at work tools for employers

This fact sheet provides a quick overview of the resources available to employers looking to help their workers recover at work following an injury.

You can download a PDF version of this fact sheet.

Return to work program - information for employers This fact sheet explains return to work programs, employer obligations under NSW law and the resources available to help.
Recovery at work is just good business This fact sheet outlines the benefits available to employers when their workers recover at work following a work-related injury.
If you get injured at work Every employer must provide information for workers about how to notify an injury and make a workers compensation claim. This can be done using this poster or displaying this information electronically. 

‘There’s been a work-related incident’ flyer

This flyer explains what you need to do when there is an incident at your workplace.
Standard return to work program for category 2 employers The SIRA standard return to work program for category 2 employers can be adopted or customised for your workplace.
Recover at work planning tool You can use this tool to develop an effective recover at work plan for your worker and help meet your legislative obligations.
Guidelines for workplace return to work programs These guidelines will help you develop and implement a return to work program (which is compulsory for all workplaces).
Workers compensation guidelines These guidelines for workers, employers and insurers explain how the claims process works, and the types of compensation workers can claims for.
Online tools 
Small business assistTool for small employers to understand their workers compensation obligations and how to assist a worker following an injury.
RTW coordination trainingSelf-paced modules designed to assist RTW coordinators to perform their role in the NSW workers compensation system.
Workers compensation legislation
Workers Compensation Act 1987
Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act 1998
Workers Compensation Regulation 2016

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