Incidental expenses

Reasonable incidental expenses for items the worker takes with them for independent use (e.g. strapping tape, TheraBand, disposable electrodes, exercise putty, walking sticks, relaxation CDs and self-help books) are payable in addition to the consultation fee.

This does not apply to consumables or exercise handouts used during a consultation (e.g. anti-inflammatory creams, ultrasound gel, acupuncture needles, tissues and so on). These items are considered a business expense.

Where you recommend equipment for the worker, insurer approval must be obtained prior to purchasing or hiring the equipment (unless pre-approval exemptions apply). Without prior approval, the insurer is not liable for the cost of the equipment.

SIRA approved allied health practitioners

SIRA approved practitioners may bill up to $110 per claim for incidental expenses and equipment provision, without obtaining prior approval from the insurer.

A description of the item must appear on the invoice forwarded to the insurer.

Any request for equipment with a total cost above $110 requires prior approval from the insurer.

Non SIRA approved allied health practitioners

Non SIRA approved practitioners require prior approval for all incidental expenses and equipment provision.