Completing the allied health recovery request

Actively involving the worker in their treatment is an important part of effective rehabilitation.

Ensure the worker understands that they should be actively involved in their recovery – from setting goals and planning steps, to reviewing the progress of their recovery.

Complete the AHRR during a treatment session, or over consecutive treatment sessions, in consultation with the worker.

SIRA approved practitioners must provide their approval number on the AHRR. Once complete, you can send the AHRR to the insurer. Make sure you keep a record of when you sent the AHRR (e.g. email read receipts, fax transmission logs or a postal receipt).

Remember, after you complete and sign the AHRR you are responsible for its content.

If you are submitting the AHRR electronically you must be able to show that:

  • you emailed the AHRR from the email address already provided to SIRA, or
  • if the practice is emailing an AHRR on your behalf (and it contains your electronic signature) you have also provided written authorisation for the practice to do so.

It is inappropriate to complete the AHRR and insert the name and provider number of the practice principal or another allied health practitioner.

Allied health practitioners who are dual SIRA approved must provide one AHRR per discipline.

Where a multidisciplinary team is delivering services to a worker, a lead allied health practitioner may develop the goal with the worker, however, each practitioner must then complete their own AHRR using that goal, with consideration to concurrent treatment.

More information for SIRA approved allied health practitioners

You can bill the insurer once per claim for the initial allied health recovery request. Use the code OAS003 at the specified amount shown in your discipline specific Fees Order.

The Allied health recovery request (AHRR) – instructions for completion provides practitioners with step-by-step guidance on completing the AHRR.