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CTP JobCover placement program information for CTP claimants and employers

COVID-19 information

For employers who have employed workers using the JobCover Placement Program (JCPP) but need to scale back / close their workplaces temporarily due to the impact of COVI-19, the duration of the JCPP for the worker will be increased to accommodate that period of change.

What do I need to do?

Employers should keep a record of the period of changed operations to support their claim for the incentive payments as their business re-opens along with the usual proof of payment of wages to the worker.

Re-negotiate the new end date of the JCPP agreement with the employer/worker/ insurer when known and submit the amended agreement form to the insurer.

A PDF version of this information sheet is available for download.


The CTP JobCover Placement program provides incentives to employers to employ individuals who have a claim for a motor accident injury and are unable to return to employment with their pre-accident employer.

The program is designed to offset the cost of engaging a person with an existing injury, while at the same time giving the employer a motivated worker who can make a valuable contribution to the workplace.

Program benefits

To encourage employers to engage people who have a CTP claim, the JobCover placement program offers:

  • incentive payments of up to $27,400 for up to 12 months
  • reimbursement of any workers compensation claim excess1 (see glossary of the SIRA Guide CTP vocational support), should an excess be incurred, as a result of a change to a claimant’s existing motor accident injury within the first two years of their new employment.

The maximum incentive payments are:

  • $400 per week for first 12 weeks (maximum of $4,800)
  • $500 per week for weeks 13 to 26 (maximum $7,000)
  • $600 per week for weeks 27 to 52 (maximum $15,600)



An employer may be eligible if they:

  • are a different employer to the pre-accident employer
  • hold a current workers compensation policy with an insurer or a self-insurer’s licence
  • are not grouped with the pre-accident employer for workers compensation insurance or insured under the same group self-insurer licence as the pre-accident employer
  • have offered employment for a minimum of 12 months
  • are not in receipt of any other wage subsidy for the claimant
  • provide a minimum of 64 paid hours per month or a return to pre-injury hours (Note: Fewer hours may be considered if it can be demonstrated that the claimant will progress to meet this requirement within a reasonable timeframe.)
  • can demonstrate adherence to their jurisdiction’s workers compensation and workplace health and safety legislation.

CTP claimant

A claimant is eligible for the JobCover Placement program if:

  • at the time of program commencement, they are receiving, or are entitled to receive, weekly payments under the Motor Accident Injuries Act 2017
  • they are certified fit for work but are unable to return to employment with their pre-accident employer
  • a settlement has not been accepted

Suitable employment

The program is designed to secure ongoing sustainable employment for a worker who has a work related injury or illness and is deemed eligible. A variety of employment arrangements are considered suitable.

In some circumstances, a workplace rehabilitation provider will conduct a workplace assessment to match the capacity of the claimant to the essential job requirements, and assess their ability to perform the tasks safely. Claimants may also be eligible for training and equipment to achieve a safe and sustainable return to work.

Next steps

Refer to the SIRA guide for CTP vocational support for more information about the program, its benefits, eligibility requirements and procedures.

Further information

If you have read the guidance material and would like to know more about the JobCover placement program, contact the relevant CTP insurer or email SIRA at

SIRA is the government organisation responsible for regulating the NSW CTP insurance and workers compensation systems. Learn more about SIRA, the NSW CTP scheme and workers compensation at our website.

1 A payment liable to be paid by an employer if a workers compensation injury is not reported within five calendar days. The amount is equivalent to one week of the worker’s weekly compensation payments. (Section 160 of Workers Compensation Act 1987)