Claim farming

What is 'claim farming'?

Claim farming involves a third party (the ‘claim farmer’) initiating an unexpected or unsolicited phone call, email or social media message encouraging you to make a CTP insurance claim. They will then ask questions to obtain your personal information which they can sell to third parties such as legal firms or medical practitioners.

We are concerned with the increase of claim farming and encourage anyone who receives a call from a suspected claim farmer to report this incident.

Claim farming poses significant concerns for the NSW Motor Accidents CTP scheme as it can encourage unmeritorious claims, inappropriate treatment as well as increase the cost of premiums in the long run.

What to do if you receive a call?

Warning: Claim farmers can be quite sophisticated and convincing. If you receive an email or social media message seeking your personal details regarding a car accident, do not reply.

  • Do not provide or confirm any of your personal information under any circumstance.
  • Get as much information from the caller and advise that you will call them back on their publicly listed phone number.
  • Do not call them back on the number they have used to contact you.

Report unsolicited calls or messages to SIRA

Report a call or email SIRA

Alternatively, you may report an unsolicited call or message the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Need more help?

To speak to someone about claim farming contact the CTP Assist team on 1300 656 919 or email

If you need help lodging a CTP claim with a CTP insurer you can also speak to the CTP Assist team on 1300 656 919 or email