After I claim

What happens after you have submitted your claim depends on what claim form you have submitted.

Generally, there are three main claim forms:

For more information on which form is for you, see how to claim.

Personal injury claim form (full claim)

1. Insurer confirms they’ve received your form

If you lodge a personal injury claim form, the insurer will send a letter within five days of receiving it to:

  • confirm they have received your form
  • give you a claim number to use in all your future letters and contact with them
  • tell you the name and phone number of the person who will handle your claim

2. They do an investigation

The insurer will then investigate your claim.  They may:

  • look at the police report on the accident
  • review reports from your doctors and other health professionals
  • ask you to see other medical specialists for assessment

3. They accept or reject your claim

  • Within three months of receiving your form, the insurer will advise you whether or not they accept your claim.
  • If the insurer accepts your claim, they will pay reasonable hospital, medical, rehabilitation and travel costs.
  • If you have paid for treatment and other costs yourself you can ask the insurer to pay you back if they later accept your claim.
  • If they deny your claim, you will have to pay all your medical costs. You may however be able to claim part or all back from Medicare or your own private health or other insurance.

4. Claim is finalised (claim settlement)

  • After some time, and once you have recovered from your injuries the insurer will write to you with a settlement offer.
  • The offer will be for money to cover losses arising from your injuries, this may include the cost of treatment you will need in the future (if applicable) and past and future loss of income.
  • With serious injuries the offer may cover an additional payment for pain and suffering.
  • You can reject the offer and negotiate a different settlement amount either by yourself or through a lawyer.
  • Once you accept the offer, your claim is finalised and you cannot make any further claim from the insurer for the injuries.

Further information

If you can't agree with your insurer

Sometimes there can be disputes about compensation.  If there’s a dispute, there’s help available. Our motor accidents disputes section has more information.

Or call our CTP Assist team on 1300 656 919.

If you have a claims complaint about your insurer

If you would like to make a claims complaint about your insurer (not relating to a decision), please get in touch with the Independent Review Office (IRO) on 13 94 76 Monday to Friday (8:30am-5:30pm) or via email [email protected]

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