Training for allied health practitioners

The SIRA Workers Compensation allied health practitioner online training program is available and is delivered by an external training organisation, the Personal Injury Education Foundation (PIEF).

This course replaces the previous WorkCover NSW one day face-to-face training program

All allied health practitioners are encouraged to complete the online training program.

This helps improve capability and knowledge, especially in relation to the governance arrangements for allied health practitioners working within the NSW workers compensation system.

SIRA Workers Compensation approval

Allied health practitioners who must be SIRA approved to work in the NSW workers compensation system are chiropractors, counsellors, accredited exercise physiologists, osteopaths, physiotherapists and psychologists.

Those seeking to obtain SIRA Workers Compensation approval are encouraged to review the application form before commencing the required allied health practitioner online training.

Please note: Physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and psychologists that have provisional or limited registration with AHPRA are not eligible for SIRA approval.

If you meet the conditions of approval, register with PIEF to commence your online training program. There are three parts to the online training for your complete.

Upon successful completion of all three training parts you are required to submit your application form to SIRA Workers Compensation Regulation via email to

If you satisfactorily meet the conditions of approval you will be allocated a SIRA Workers Compensation approval number. Your approval number must be provided on all tax invoices and allied health recovery requests.

Allied health practitioners only require one approval number for each allied health discipline in which they practice. Those practitioners with dual disciplines are only required to undertake the online training once.

You are not required to obtain a new approval number for each different location where you deliver services or if you change your employment.

Each SIRA Workers Compensation approval number is specific to the approved allied health practitioner. Services must not be delivered by any other person using the allied health practitioner's approval number.

All practitioners who successfully complete the three parts of the online training within the required timeframes will be deemed to have satisfied the current mandatory training requirement to retain their SIRA Workers Compensation approval. Refer to the PIEF website for further details.