Weekly payments after 130 weeks

Published: 12 August 2019
Last edited: 12 August 2019

This information does not apply to exempt workers

Weekly payments of compensation to a worker will cease after 130 weeks (known as 'the second entitlement period'), unless:

  • the worker is assessed as having no current work capacity and is likely to be unable to work indefinitely, or
  • the worker is working 15 hours or more and earning at least $190 per week1.

1 Indexed in April and October each year. See the Workers compensation benefits guide for the latest figure.

If a worker has capacity to work and is not working at least 15 hours per week by the end of the 130 weeks, their entitlement to weekly payments will cease (except for workers with 'high needs').

Workers must use the SIRA form Continuation of weekly payments after 130 weeks to apply to the insurer for continuation of weekly payments beyond the second entitlement period. The form cannot be completed until after the worker has received at least 78 weeks of their entitlement.

Refer to Insurer guidance 5.4 Weekly payments after the second entitlement period for further information.