Journey and recess claims for exempt workers

Published: 12 August 2019
Last edited: 12 August 2019

Exempt workers are able to make a claim for injuries incurred during work breaks and work-related journeys.

Journey claims

If a worker suffers an injury in the course of a journey to their place of employment, or any other place the worker is required to attend for work-related reasons, they are able to make a claim.

Exempt workers are not required to demonstrate that there is a 'real and substantial connection' between employment and the accident or incident out of which the injury occurred.

The journey is generally defined as the worker's usual route to or from work and the injury occurring between the property boundaries of the worker's current abode and the workplace or work-related premises.

Workers who are unsure if they meet the requirements for making a journey claim should submit their claim to the insurer to determine liability.

Recess claims

A worker may be able to claim for injuries received during an ordinary work break (for example, morning tea or lunch break) or other authorised temporary absence.

To lodge a work break claim with your employer's insurer, use the Other injury claim form.