Battery talk

The best hearing aid batteries are bought from a hearing service provider.  Make sure you take care of hearing aid batteries for safety and best use.

Battery fast facts:

  • most hearing aids require zinc air ‘button’ batteries to work, but some hearing aids are rechargeable
  • each battery has a tab on the back which seals the air holes in the battery. Only remove this when you are placing the battery into your hearing aid
  • hearing aid batteries are very small and can be dangerous to children and pets as they are easily swallowed.  Keep them in a safe place
  • unused hearing aid batteries last for two years when stored correctly
  • the best storage temperature for hearing aid batteries is between 10֯C and 25֯C. DO NOT put them in the refrigerator or near heat
  • contact with metal objects such as coins or keys can cause batteries to short circuit. DO NOT carry loose batteries in your wallet or purse
  • battery life varies with hearing aids. Know how long they last in your aids (e.g. Bluetooth streaming uses more power and can shorten battery life). Change or charge batteries when required and always carry spares or your charger easily accessible.