JobCover placement program

This program is designed to help you secure ongoing employment with a new employer.

COVID-19 update:

For employers who have employed workers using the JobCover Placement program (JCPP) but need to scale back/close their workplaces temporarily due to the impact of COVID-19, the duration of the JCPP for the worker will be increased to accommodate that period of change.

What do I need to do?

Employers should keep a record of the period of changed operations to support their claim for the incentive payments as their business re-opens along with the usual proof of payment of wages to the worker.

Re-negotiate the new end date of the JCPP agreement with the employer/worker/ insurer when known and submit the amended agreement form to the insurer.

There are three benefits available to eligible employers to encourage an employer to offer you a job:

  • incentive payments of up to $27,400 for up to 12 months
  • your wages are not included in the new employer's workers compensation premium for two years
  • the new employer is protected against the costs associated with your existing injury during the first two years of your employment.

Incentive payments increase according to the length of time you remain employed:

  • up to $400 per week for first 12 weeks (maximum of $4,800)
  • up to $500 per week for next 14 weeks (maximum $7,000)
  • up to $600 per week for next 26 weeks (maximum $15,600).

Read the fact sheet for workers and employers for more information.


You are eligible if you:

  • are receiving or entitled to receive weekly workers compensation payments when the program commences
  • can’t return to work with your pre-injury employer because of your injury
  • haven’t  accepted a commutation or work injury damages settlement.

Employers are eligible if they:

  • are able to offer employment to you for a minimum of 12 months
  • can provide a minimum of 64 paid hours per month or a return to your pre-injury hours
  • hold a current workers compensation policy or self-insurer’s licence.

Read the JobCover placement program guidance material for more information.

How to apply

Speak to your workplace rehabilitation provider, or insurer case manager about using the JobCover placement program.

They will:

  • determine if this program is suitable for you and help you find potential host employers and conduct a workplace assessment to match your capacity to the requirements of the job.
  • complete the JobCover program agreement form
  • organise insurer approval (agreement)
  • organise payments using the JobCover incentive payment claim form (for employers).

If your request to use a SIRA-funded program has not been approved, find out how to request a review of a program decision.

Further information