Appendix 1: Context and relevant provisions - Standard 7 - interim pre-injury average weekly earnings calculation

Standard 7 - Interim pre-injury average weekly earnings calculation.

Providing for an interim pre-injury average weekly earnings (PIAWE) calculation enables workers to be supported by commencement of weekly payments, even when the insurer has insufficient information to make a complete calculation. This ensures workers are not disadvantaged or experience delays in receiving weekly payments where the employer has not provided the required information to the insurer for the purposes of calculating pre-injury average weekly earnings (PIAWE).

One of the key system objectives is to provide workers with income support during incapacity.

Sometimes insurers are unable to calculate PIAWE within the required timeframe for the first weekly payment as they have insufficient information to correctly calculate it. In such instances insurers are to calculate an interim PIAWE to commence payments without delay.

Where there is an interim PIAWE, and the employer does not respond to insurer requests for information, the insurer can contact SIRA on 13 10 50.