CTP Green Slip insurance can cover funeral expenses

This factsheet is also available to download Green Slip insurance can cover funeral expenses - PDF(2.1MB)

If someone dies due to a motor vehicle accident in NSW, the compulsory third party (CTP) Green Slip insurance scheme can cover reasonable
funeral expenses.

This may include costs for the:

  • funeral director
  • funeral service (incl. cremation or burial)
  • coffin
  • mourning car
  • cemetery site
  • flowers
  • newspaper notice
  • death certificate.

If the person who has died lived elsewhere in Australia and was visiting NSW at the time of the accident, funeral expenses cover the reasonable costs of transporting the deceased to an appropriate place for burial or cremation, or their usual place of residence. If their usual residence was in a country other than Australia, funeral expenses include the reasonable cost of transporting the deceased person to that country.

Making a claim

A claim for funeral expenses should be made within three months after the date of the accident. A claim may only be accepted after that time in some circumstances - for more information, call your CTP insurer, or CTP Assist.

The ‘legal personal representative’, usually the executor of the will or the administrator of the estate, can make the application for benefits. Where there is no legal personal representative, the person who has paid or is liable to pay the funeral expenses may lodge a claim.

You may also be eligible for compensation to relatives

Some family members, including spouses, children, brothers, and sisters of the person who has died in a motor accident caused by the fault of another driver, or the owner of the other vehicle involved, may have other entitlements.

If you were dependent on the deceased financially or for some services, such as personal care or care for your children, then you and/or your children may be entitled to compensation for loss of dependency.

Discuss whether you may be eligible to also make a ‘compensation to relatives’ claim with a lawyer who specialises in personal injury law. Visit the Law Society of NSW website, for assistance finding a lawyer or contact SIRA’s CTP Assist who may refer you to SIRA’s Legal Advisory Service. Claims must be made within 3 years after the date of accident.

Let us help you

For further information or to make a claim complete Application for funeral expenses - PDF or Application to compensate relatives claim form - PDF.

Contact your insurer. If you need assistance identifying who your insurer is contact SIRA’s CTP Assist for further information and support by calling 1300 656 919 or email