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7.4 The definitions of terms in this clause apply to this Part of the Motor Accident Guidelines. For terms that are not included here, the definitions provided by the Act apply. The terms used in ‘Part 7 of the Motor Accident Guidelines: Dispute resolution’ have the following meanings:

Act – the Motor Accident Injuries Act 2017 (NSW).

Advisory service – An advisory service under section 7.49 of the Act to assist claimants in connection with their claims and with the dispute resolution procedures under Part 7 of the Act.

Applicant – The party that refers a claim or dispute in connection with a claim.

Application – The way a party refers a merit review matter, medical assessment and claims assessment matter to DRS.

Claims for insurers – ‘Part 4 of the Motor Accident Guidelines: Claims’, which is made under section 6.1 of the Act, and which makes provision with respect to the manner in which insurers and those acting on their behalf are to deal with claims.

Decision-maker – A DRS merit reviewer, DRS claims assessor, DRS principal claims assessor, DRS proper officer or DRS medical assessor.

DRS – The Dispute Resolution Service of the Authority .

EDM system – Electronic Dispute Management system.

Health Practitioner – Has the same meaning as in the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (NSW).

Internal reviewer – An insurer’s internal reviewer who may conduct an internal review under Division 7.3 of the Act.

MAI scheme – The NSW motor accident injuries scheme created under the Act.

Matters – A merit review matter, medical assessment matter, or miscellaneous claims assessment matter as declared by Schedule 2 of the Act.

Officer of DRS – A staff member of DRS.

Parties – A reference in this Part of the Motor Accident Guidelines to a party includes a reference to any representative of that party, unless otherwise specified.

PCA – The principal claims assessor of DRS appointed under Schedule 3 of the Act.

Regulation – The Motor Accident Injuries Regulation 2017.

Representative – A person representing an insurer or claimant.

Reply – The response to an application.

Respondent – A party who replies to an application.