Workers compensation regulation bulletin - Issue 84 (February 2020)

Reminder: Have your say on return to work measurement

We're seeking stakeholder feedback to help inform the way return to work (RTW) rates are measured in the NSW workers compensation and motor accidents CTP schemes.

The closing date for submissions is 2 March 2020.

The Measuring RTW rates discussion paper outlines how we currently measure RTW rates as indicators of system performance.

The impact of delayed RTW on injured people is a serious concern and there is a strong body of empirical evidence that shows the longer an injured worker is away from work, the less likely they are to ever return.

We continually work to understand and monitor RTW performance including the effectiveness of early intervention and longer-term support in NSW. We have identified a trend of deteriorating RTW rates in NSW in 2019 when compared with the same reporting periods in 2018, 2017 and 2016.

In addition to SIRA’s other regulatory actions, your input will help us develop RTW measurements for the CTP scheme and may inform development of new measures in the workers compensation scheme. These will assist in driving better RTW outcomes.

For more information, visit the online consultation page. Feedback may be sent to

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