Workers compensation regulation bulletin - Issue 81 (December 2019)

Nominal Insurer - Independent Reviewer report now available

In February 2019, SIRA commissioned an independent Compliance and Performance Review of the workers compensation Nominal Insurer (NI) managed by icare.

This is an important part of ensuring a fair and sustainable workers compensation system in NSW.

We have now published the report by the Independent Reviewer, Ms Janet Dore, and the three supporting reports prepared by scheme actuaries Ernst & Young (EY) on the SIRA website.

The Report contains important findings on the operation and sustainability of the NI and recommends significant steps for improvement in claims management, return to work and premium administration.

Visit the Nominal Insurer review page for more information.

SIRA’s 21-Point Action Plan

The Independent Reviewer made thirteen findings, twelve of which are operational or regulatory in nature.

SIRA supports eleven of the findings, as does icare. Both SIRA and icare support one further finding (finding 4) in principle and have agreed that SIRA, rather than icare will take action on this finding. One of the thirteen findings (finding 12) would require consideration of legislative amendment and is a matter for Government and the Parliament.

SIRA has also published a 21-Point Action Plan to improve the performance of the NI and the health of the workers compensation scheme more broadly.  

We welcome the response from icare indicating its commitment to work with SIRA in implementing the action plan. 

SIRA will be reporting regularly on progress against the action plan and will continue to supervise the performance of the NI and the workers compensation system.  

View SIRA response and 21-Point Action Plan