May communiqué

At the May meeting of the SIRA Board, Members were provided an update on the Compliance and Performance Review of the NSW Workers Compensation Nominal Insurer Scheme (managed by Insurance and Care NSW). Led by independent reviewer Janet Dore and supported by actuaries Ernst & Young and authorised officers of SIRA, the review has now reached the public consultation phase with the public invited to make submissions by 14 June 2019. Details of the review and the Terms of Reference are published on the SIRA website.

The Hon. Greg Keating, Member of the SIRA Dispute Resolution Advisory Committee provided an update to Board Members on the recent Committee meeting. This included an overview of a discussion with the Hon. Judge Gerard Phillips, President of the Workers Compensation Commission.

The Board approved a draft set of amended Workers Compensation Guidelines and Standards of Practice for consultation with stakeholders. The amended Guidelines and Standards support the implementation of Pre-Injury Average Weekly Earnings (PIAWE) legislative amendments. These amendments were passed by Parliament in October 2018 to simplify and improve PIAWE determinations. Members noted that a draft Regulation is also being prepared.

The Board approved draft amended Return to Work (RTW) Guidelines for public consultation. The RTW Guidelines outline employers’ injury management and return to work obligations and have been updated to reflect legislative changes which commenced in January 2019.

Ms Nancy Milne OAM, Chair of the SIRA Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Premium Committee, provided an update on the May 2019 Committee meeting and overview of the Committee’s advice to the SIRA Board. This included advice relating to the CTP Risk Equalisation Mechanism Implementation Review which is currently underway.

Dr Abby Bloom, Chair of the SIRA Audit and Risk Committee provided an update on the May 2019 Committee meeting. The Board was provided with an overview of a recent review of SIRA cyber security measures and updates to the SIRA risk register.

The Board noted updates on the progress of several other matters relating to the CTP Scheme, including a draft analysis of CTP insurer customer service metrics which is being prepared for publication in due course.

Other items discussed at the May 2019 Board meeting included:

  • The Board noted the update on the work being undertaken in response to the Legislative Council Standing Committee for Law and Justice recommendations (tabled in February 2019)
  • The Board was provided an update on the planning for the Minor Injury review. The review will be undertaken as part of a commitment by Hon Victor Dominello MP to review the definition of minor injury under the Motor Accident Injuries Act 2017.

Trevor Matthews
Chairperson, SIRA Board