Recover at work planning tool

Tailored planning is essential to a successful outcome for you and your worker. Commencing this process as soon as possible following a workplce injury or illness can assist your worker to recover sooner. This tool is for the person responsible for developing the plan and will assist you to meet your legislative obligations and minimise the impact of injury to your worker and your business.

Identify suitable employment

In the first instance you may consider:

  • reviewing your worker’s capacity as detailed on their certificate of capacity
  • familiarising yourself with the worker’s pre-injury role
  • speaking to the worker’s supervisor or immediate manager and asking for suggestions on how to organise duties to fit current work routines and schedules
  • reviewing all the jobs available in your business and looking at how they may align with your worker’s skill set
  • providing work that might be sitting on the backburner, or good ideas you have not had time to implement
  • determining who needs to be involved.

Ask yourself the following questions which may affect the suitable work options you offer your worker:

  • are the physical demands of the tasks within the capacity of the worker?
  • is the worker taking any medication that may have an impact on their ability to perform the tasks?
  • is the environment the worker is returning to appropriate?
  • can any of the tasks be eliminated or substituted to reduce the risk of further injury?
  • does the worker need any workplace modi cations and/or equipment to allow them to perform the tasks safely?
  • will the worker need any specific training or instruction to perform the tasks?
  • do the worker’s personal circumstances impact on their ability to undertake the tasks?
  • do the duties add value to the workplace?

Consider the tasks closest to your worker’s pre-injury duties as the first option. You can offer duties in any of the following ways:

  • the same job with different hours
  • modified duties
  • a different job altogether
  • training opportunities
  • at the same or different workplace
  • a combination of these options.

Develop the plan

Taking the information gathered above into consideration, develop a recover at work plan for your worker. You may choose to develop your own plan or use the template attached.

When developing a recover at work plan ensure you:

  • give the worker the opportunity to participate in the development of the plan
  • describe the plan in writing
  • provide copies of the plan to the worker and the doctor
  • provide a copy of any changes to the plan to the worker in writing.