Worker obligations

If you have ‘work capacity’ then you have an obligation, in cooperation with your employer or the insurer, to make reasonable efforts to return to suitable work.

Your work capacity is assessed the insurer and refers to your ability to work (either in your pre-injury employment or other suitable work).

If you have work capacity, we have information that can help with getting you back to work.

Your employer is required to provide you with suitable employment after you have had an injury.

Suitable employment is employment in work for which you are suited after the injury and can include:

  • changing your hours of work (eg working part time)
  • modifying  your duties (eg no longer doing any heavy lifting)
  • giving you a different job (eg office work rather than manual work)
  • training you to do another job in the company)
  • suitable employment at a different workplace

If you refuse a reasonable offer of suitable employment, your workers compensation payments may be suspended.

Contact your insurer if your employer says they are unable to offer suitable employment and they might be able to assist you and your employer identify suitable employment.

If they can’t, contact us and we can help.

Further information


There are a range of options to help resolve disputes about suitable employment or work capacity.  Our workers compensation disputes section has more information.