Community Connect

Community Connect Funding

Community Connect provides funding for you to access community services in your local area.

This funding is designed to help you adjust to your changing circumstances due to section 39.

A cumulative total of up to $1,000 can be claimed for expenses involved in connecting with community based services.

Community Connect provides flexible funding for items or services for example:

  • travel costs to participate in a community program
  • a service provider to help you identify any issues, needs and goals, and link them with local community services
  • financial counselling (or similar) where you are unable to access free services.


You can access Community Connect funding if you have received notification from the insurer confirming that your weekly payments will cease on or before June 2018, due to section 39 of the 1987 Act.

Services and items funded under Community Connect must be fully completed within two years of the date when your entitlement to weekly payments ceases.

How to apply

Either you or the service provider gives details of the proposed service and related costs to the insurer.

The insurer will arrange payment of up to $1,000 for the proposed Community Connect service(s), and ensure costs are paid promptly.

Participation in Community Connect is voluntary and you can withdraw from a service at any time.

You can use Community Connect more than once, as long as the total costs do not exceed $1,000 and program requirements are met.