Return to work assistance payments

These payments help eligible workers with some of the costs that can be associated with returning to work

Expenses payable under return to work assistance apply only to services provided and costs incurred on or after 29 April 2016.

Note: These benefits do not apply to:

New employment assistance

New employment assistance may be claimed by a worker in cases where they are unable to return to work with their pre-injury employer, due to their injury. A cumulative total of up to $1,000 can be claimed for expenses involved in returning to work with a new employer, including:

  • transport (eg public transport or motor vehicle registration)
  • childcare
  • clothing
  • education or training (eg industry licences or certificates)
  • equipment (eg tools of trade), or
  • any similar service or assistance.

To claim new employment assistance, a worker must contact the insurer to confirm:

  • they have accepted a written offer of employment for a period of three months or more with a new employer
  • how the item or service will assist them to commence employment, and
  • the amount being claimed along with supporting quotes and invoices.

Once the worker has made a claim for new employment assistance, the insurer must determine liability within 14 days.

Education or training assistance

Education or training assistance is designed to support workers in cases where additional skills are required to improve their readiness for work with the same employer, or a new employer. A cumulative total of up to $8,000 can be claimed for expenses that may include:

  • course fees
  • other related expenses (eg text books, travel).

To claim education or training assistance, a worker must:

  • have been assessed as having a permanent impairment of more than 20 per cent
  • have received weekly payments of compensation (paid or payable) for a period of 78 weeks or more
  • demonstrate the education or training is consistent with their injury management plan and will assist them to return to work, and
  • ensure that the education or training assistance is provided by:
    • a registered training organisation, or
    • a registered higher education provider.

To make a claim, the worker must complete the training application form.  It is recommended that the person completing the application form confirms with the insurer that the worker is entitled to education or training assistance.

Once the worker has made a claim for education or training assistance, the insurer must determine liability within 21 days.

If you do not meet the criteria for assistance with education or training, you may be eligible for an alternative program, see help with getting people back to work for more details.