Injury claims

To claim workers compensation for an injury, medical evidence is required indicating that you suffer from an injury or illness as a result of your employment.

As a worker, if you are claiming compensation you must supply information that shows you:

  • were employed
  • received an injury from or during the employment
  • have lost income, need medical treatment or may incur other expenses because of the injury.

Your employer may provide the above information to the insurer on your behalf. You may also provide other information that supports your claim.

The injury or illness may be physical or psychological.

When describing your diagnosis, your doctor should only use accepted medical terminology on the certificate of capacity.

No compensation is available for a psychological injury if the injury was caused by reasonable action taken (or proposed to be taken) by your employer.

For more information read the guidelines for claiming workers compensation.

Further information

Dust diseases

If you've contracted a compensate-able dust disease because of your work, you need to contact icare dust diseases care, also known as the Dust Diseases Authority (DDA).

They provide compensation, treatment and support for workers and their families.

Along with compensation, they also fund ongoing assistance to support quality of life. This can include mobility aids, personal care, medication and treatment from health professionals, as well as general assistance such as domestic support and respite care for families.


For more detail on your compensation entitlements and payments refer to payments and expenses


Sometimes there can be disputes about compensation.  If there’s a dispute, there’s help available. Our workers compensation disputes section has more information.