Provisional payments

Provisional payments enable the insurer to start paying weekly payments (and medical expenses) to you while they fully assess your claim.

Provisional payments can include weekly payments for up to 12 weeks, and payment of medical expenses up to $7500. It also extends the time allowed for the insurer to make a decision on liability.

Where there has been a loss of earnings, the insurer must commence provisional weekly payments within seven days of being notified of the injury, unless the insurer has a reasonable excuse not to commence the payments.

If provisional weekly payments do not start due to a reasonable excuse, your insurer must notify you in writing of the reason/s. They must also provide you with advice on how to make a claim, which will be determined within 21 days of being received by the insurer.

Part A of the 2016 Guidelines for claiming workers compensation sets out the procedures for initial notifications and provisional payments.

Further information


Sometimes there can be disputes about compensation.  If there’s a dispute, there’s help available. Our workers compensation disputes section has more information.