Our role in policies and claims

We regulate the workers compensation system in NSW so that it is sustainable, fair and affordable and provides support for injured workers.

Our role includes:

  • supervising licensed insurers so they comply with legislation, and understand their obligations to workers and employers
  • helping employers understand their roles and obligations within the workers compensation scheme
  • educating injured workers about their rights and responsibilities
  • managing the accreditation of health providers so that injured workers receive effective treatment to enable return to work

Importantly, we provide advice and dispute resolution services if there is a dispute between parties within the workers compensation system.

As a modern regulator we collaborate with our stakeholders to develop evidence-based and risk-based approaches that will make the system work better for everyone.

The system

The system includes:

  • the nominal insurer (which is managed by icare and its contracted insurance agents),
  • specialised insurers
  • self-insurers

Most businesses can only take out a workers compensation insurance policy through the nominal insurer or a specialised insurer (which are referred to as licensed insurers).

Under legislation, these insurers issue policies and manage the collection of premiums. They process claims, inform employers of their obligations and responsibilities, and help injured workers recover.

Licensed insurers can contract out to a number of insurance agents to act on their behalf. Generally, most businesses in NSW will get their policy through one of these insurance agents, and any claims etc are managed by them.

SIRA does not issue policies or manage claims.