Nominated treating doctors (NTDs)

A worker (who is unable to perform their usual role for more than seven consecutive days) must choose a nominated treating doctor (NTD) in order to receive compensation payments.

The NTD is usually the worker's general practitioner and they are responsible for coordinating all aspects of injury management and assisting in the worker’s recovery at/return to work.

Evidence shows staying at work or returning to work promotes recovery and leads to better health outcomes.

The NTD will liaise with the worker, employer, insurer and other treatment providers to ensure a smooth recovery at work.

The NTD has a key role in the recovery and rehabilitation of an injured worker. It is important they:

  • provide the worker with a completed certificate of capacity
  • act as the primary communicator for treatment and the injury management plan
  • are authorised by the worker to provide relevant information to the employer, insurer and other parties involved in the management of the injury

For more information on the role medical doctors play in the NSW workers compensation system, please refer to this AMA presentation.

You can also watch our video below on how NTDs and employers can work together to help a worker recovery at work.

The workers compensation guide for medical practitioners has more information to help you understand your role as a medical practitioner in the NSW workers compensation system.

Certificate of capacity

A completed certificate of capacity provides information to the employer and insurer regarding the:

  • nature of the injury
  • capacity for employment
  • treatment required
  • prognosis
  • timeframes for safe and durable recovery at work

When the certificate is completed thoroughly by the NTD the likelihood that an insurer will need to obtain additional information or clarification is minimised.

The declaration on the certificate of capacity is used to provide consent for medical information to be exchanged between relevant parties, helping the insurer make decisions about liability and develop an injury management plan for the worker.

The guide to completing the certificate of capacity has more information to help you fill out the form correctly.

Call the Doctor's Helpline on 1800 661 111 or email for more information.

Medical treatment fees

General practitioners providing treatment to a worker are paid in accordance with the Workers Compensation Medical Practitioner Fees Order.

For a summary of the most commonly used GP codes please refer to the 2017 SIRA rates for general practitioners.