Hearing service providers

Hearing service providers can provide hearing aids (and rehabilitation) to workers with hearing loss as a result of noise in the workplace.

Providing hearing aids

The hearing aid fees order contains information on providing hearing aids. The order includes information on:

  • medical support for the provision of hearing aids
  • selection of hearing aid
  • insurer approval
  • fitting and supply of hearing aid
  • review of hearing aid
  • additional batteries and minor maintenance.

Replacing hearing aids

Hearing aids can be replaced when the hearing aid:

  • has been lost or damaged and is not covered by warranty or other insurance, or
  • the worker can no longer communicate effectively using the current hearing aid.

You need to complete a declaration form when requesting a replacement.


SIRA approved hearing service providers are entitled to charge a fee in accordance with the current hearing aid Fees Order.

A hearing service provider is not entitled to recover from a worker any amount in respect of treatment that exceeds the maximum fees as set out in the fees order.

See invoicing for additional information.

Approval of hearing service providers

Any contracted hearing service provider with the Office of Hearing Services is eligible to apply for SIRA approval as a hearing service provider.

To apply, fill out the hearing service provider application form and submit to

You can email or call 13 10 50 for more information.