Allied health practitioner approval

Physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, psychologists, accredited exercise physiologists, appropriately qualified counsellors and social workers are required to be approved by SIRA.

Allied health practitioners – SIRA requirements

These allied health practitioners require an approval number for each allied health discipline in which they practice.

Practitioners are not required to obtain a new approval number for each different location where they deliver services or if they change their employment.

The SIRA approval number must be provided on all tax invoices and requests to the insurer.

Each approval number is specific to the allied health practitioner. Services must not be delivered by any other person using the allied health practitioner's approval number.

Obtaining SIRA approval

Allied health practitioners wanting to obtain SIRA Workers Compensation approval should refer to the guideline for approval of treating allied health practitioners which outlines:

  • the appropriate qualifications and requirements for approval, and
  • SIRA procedures to deliver services in the NSW workers compensation system.

All allied health practitioners formerly approved by WorkCover are now deemed to be approved by SIRA. The approval number remains the same.

Please note: Physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and psychologists that have provisional or limited registration with AHPRA are not eligible for SIRA approval.

All approved allied health practitioners must notify SIRA of any change in their contact details within 14 days of the change. Notify SIRA of your updated contact details by emailing

Resources to obtain approval

Training requirements

Practitioners wanting to apply for SIRA approval

In order to obtain SIRA workers compensation approval, allied health practitioners must satisfactorily complete the three-part allied health practitioner online training course. This is to ensure all practitioners working within the NSW workers compensation system are:

  • appropriately skilled to help workers achieve a safe and durable recovery at/return to work, and
  • aware of requirements for the delivery of services in the system.

Practitioners are encouraged to review the application form before commencing the required online training. Then, if they meet the conditions of approval, register to commence the online training program.

The training is administered by the Personal Injury Education Foundation (PIEF). Practitioners are required to pay a course fee of $306 (GST-exempt) when they enrol in the three-part course.

Practitioners who successfully complete the three-part course will have satisfied the training requirements for SIRA approval.

Once allied health practitioners have successfully completed the online training, they download and complete the application form and submit with all relevant documents to Practitioners must obtain confirmation from us that their SIRA approval is active prior to delivering treatment services.

Practitioners approved prior to 1 April 2015

These practitioners completed the previous mandatory face to face training and obtained WorkCover approval. They are not required to undertake any online training at this stage. SIRA however encourages practitioners to undertake the training course as it provides practical information regarding the delivery of services in the NSW workers compensation system.

Practitioners approved 1 April 2015 to 31 July 2016

These practitioners successfully completed parts one and two of the online training program, were allocated SIRA approval, and were required to satisfactorily complete part three of the online training by 23 January 2017 to maintain their approval.

Practitioners who did not complete the compulsory training by 23 January 2017 can have their SIRA approval reactiviated by satisfactorily completing part three, advising SIRA at and obtaining confirmation that their SIRA approval is active again.

Refer to the PIEF website for further details to register for part three of the training.

Practitioners will need to pay a course fee of $102 (GST-exempt) when they enrol.