Become a self-insurer

If you are a licensed self-insurer you can insure your own workers against workplace injuries and administer your own claims, instead of using a licensed insurer.

The benefits of self-insurance can include:

  • direct ownership and management of workplace and workers compensation risks
  • improved experience and outcomes for injured workers
  • improved workforce relationships

A self-insurer licence establishes additional operational conditions that supplement legislative requirements. Read the self-insurer licensing requirements page for more information.

We may grant:

  • a single self-insurer licence to an employer
  • a group self-insurer licence to a holding company and all wholly-owned subsidiaries of the company that are employers in NSW

Licences can be granted for terms of up to eight years. They can be renewed thereafter.

Application process

There are strict criteria that must be met before we will grant you a self-insurer licence.

To meet these criteria you must:

  • prove you can conduct yourself in accordance with the workers compensation legislation and adequately report on your self-insurer operations
  • prove you have appropriate internal (or outsourced) resources to manage and support your injured workers, and help them return to work and health
  • prove you have the financial ability to fund future claims liabilities
  • be able to provide sufficient security

Next steps

  1. Read the information on the page self-insurer licensing requirements before you apply.
  2. Complete a self-insurer application form and provide the information outlined in the 'requirements for a licence application' section of the Self-insurer information requirements document.
  3. An application fee of $40,000 is payable at the time you lodge your application. The application fee for a group self-insurer licence is $45,000. The fee is non-refundable regardless of the outcome of your application.

Further information

For more information regarding self-insurer licensing requirements, refer to the resources below or email self&

  1. Self-insurance licensing policy
  2. Single self-insurer standard licence conditions
  3. Group self-insurer standard licence conditions
  4. Self-insurer information requirements
  5. Self-insurer s189 business information requirements
  6. Insurer audit manual