Licensed insurers

Licensed insurers are responsible for issuing policies, managing the collection of premiums and processing claims.

We are responsible for regulating the workers compensation system, including these licensed insurers, so that it is sustainable, provides support for injured workers, and is affordable for employers.

As a modern regulator we also collaborate with our stakeholders like licensed insurers (as well as employers, workers and health professionals) to develop evidence-based and risk-based approaches that will make the system work better for everyone.

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Most businesses can only take out a workers compensation insurance policy through the nominal insurer (managed by icare and its contracted insurance agents) or specialised insurers. We refer to these as licensed insurers.

Some employers (usually large businesses or councils) are allowed to provide their own insurance. We refer to these employers as self-insurers.

Below is a list of licensed insurers that can offer policies of insurance:

icare workers insurance

(offers policies for all industries except coal)


Offers workers compensation to:

  1. Pharmacies operating in NSW
  2. Employers providing child care services (licence valid from 4pm, 30 June 2017)


(offers policies to members of the Australian Hotel Association NSW and members of the Registered Clubs NSW)

Coal Mines Insurance

(offers policies in the coal industry)

Catholic Churches Insurance

(offers policies to employers whose main business or industrial activity concerns the Roman Catholic Church and its religious institution)

Statecover mutual

(offers policies to Councils in the NSW local government industry)

Racing NSW

(offers policies in the thoroughbred racing industry)