Workers Compensation Independent Review Office

Published: 12 August 2019
Last edited: 12 August 2019

The Workers Compensation Independent Review Office (WIRO) handles all worker enquiries and complaints regarding insurers.

Workers can contact WIRO if they have a complaint about an insurer that affects their entitlements, rights or obligations under NSW workers compensation legislation.

WIRO can also provide general advice about entitlements and insurer obligations, as well as general information about the workers compensation scheme and any changes to it.

WIRO helps workers resolve disputes with insurers by contacting the insurer directly. WIRO will work to identify issues that can be resolved before escalation to a legal dispute.

For more complex issues that require legal help, WIRO can direct a worker to their list of approved lawyers who have experience in workers compensation matters. These lawyers will provide the worker with independent legal advice and assistance at no cost.

WIRO does not provide legal advice or assistance itself. It manages the Independent Legal Assistance and Review Service (ILARS) which provides workers with access to approved lawyers at no cost to workers. These lawyers can help where there is a disagreement with an insurer regarding entitlements or where assistance is needed to make a claim.

The lawyer will review the matter, and if required, apply to ILARS for a grant of funding to cover legal fees and other necessary expenses such as medical reports.

In order to approve a grant of funding, WIRO must be satisfied that some prospect of succeeding in the claim or challenging the insurer’s decision has been demonstrated.

If the grant is not approved, the worker can still take the matter to the Workers Compensation Commission (the Commission) at their own expense. (See 'Dispute resolution in the Commission'.)

Workers can contact WIRO by phone at 13 94 76 or by emailing

ILARS does not fund legal assistance for exempt worker claims. As these workers are exempt from the 2012 amendments to the workers compensation Acts they are unable to access ILARS for legal assistance.