Meetings and training events

  • Ask for any special requirements as a standard inclusion in all invitations
  • Discuss with the worker their preferred place to sit to enable them to participate most effectively in the meeting/training event.  The person may choose a central position and/or towards the front of the room during meetings if hearing is almost the same in both ears or position with their ‘better’ ear towards the source of the sound. They may also choose to sit off to a side to enable them to angle to turn to see the whole room easily
  • For teleconference/online meetings use the video and captions whenever possible
  • Supply agendas notes and presentations in advance of all meetings and provide written notes quickly after meetings
  • Provide transcripts - available through various software applications
  • Use visual aids
  • Use a microphone in all meetings so ALL can hear
  • Meeting etiquette – speak one at a time and each use the microphone
  • Use appropriate equipment