What can damage my hearing aides and how can I avoid this?

Hearing aids can be damaged by:

  • water
  • chemicals
  • extreme heat
  • moist or humid environments
  • attempting repairs to the electronic systems by a non-expert.

Take the following steps to keep your hearing aids in good working order:

  • don’t wear them when swimming, showering or in any wet environment. Wear a hat if it’s raining
  • take them out and put them in their case when going to the beach, swimming in the pool or going to the hairdresser
  • take them out (or take extra care) when applying products that have chemicals such as hair products, aftershave, insect repellent, sunscreen
  • keep them away from cleaning liquids and solvents at home and at work
  • avoid putting them in extreme heat such as the sun, oven or heater. Don’t leave them in the car
  • only use a dehumidifier (supplied by your hearing service provider) to dry your aid out. Do not dry in an oven, microwave or with a hairdryer
  • only allow the hearing service provider to tune or repair electronic systems (as they are made up of internal electronics and external interfaces).