How do I make the most of my hearing aids?

As the wearer of hearing aids there are some things you should do.

These include:

  • getting to know your hearing aids and how to use them. Ask your hearing service provider:
    • to explain how to use your aids
    • for extra support like communication tips to help make the most of your hearing experience
    • when to get replacement accessories (eg damaged filters, split tubing)
    • how to order batteries.
  • caring for the hearing aids with daily, weekly and yearly cleaning and checks of:
    • the ear mould/earpiece
    • the tubing and vent
    • the microphone and receiver (where sound enters the hearing aid)
    • the speaker (where amplified sound is delivered to your ear)
    • the battery.
  • following these tips when cleaning and checking your aids:
    • make sure your hands are clean and dry
    • use the cleaning kit provided with your hearing aid and don’t improvise
    • use a clean tissue or special microfibre cleaning cloth or alcohol wipe (only if this is ok for your mould). Make sure the cloth is washed regularly so that dirt is not put back onto your hearing aid.
  • changing or charging batteries when required
    • always carry spare batteries
    • always have the charger easily accessible.
  • taking your hearing aid to your hearing service provider for tuning or repair of electronic systems
  • contacting your hearing service provider if:
    • you notice a change with your hearing or your hearing gets worse
    • your hearing aids are not working well for you
    • anything breaks or needs changing (e.g. filters, tubing, or other damaged parts)
    • you lose a part
    • you need new batteries.