Stay active

Try to keep doing your usual daily activities as much as you can. This will help you get better. Remember that some pain and discomfort is normal during the recovery process.

At first you might need to change the way you do some activities. Be creative and find new ways so you don't strain your neck. Examples are:

  • Change the side you carry things like your child, laptop or gym bag.
  • Make more trips so you carry less when you are shopping, carrying garden supplies or moving boxes at work.
  • Change your posture more often, or get up and move around. Do this when you are working on your computer, watching TV or having dinner with friends and family.
  • Do your usual activities over a few days rather than all at once. Vacuum one room each day or mow one section of the garden at a time.
  • Use a step ladder to improve your position and avoid reaching overhead.
  • Use a snorkel and goggles to swim if it is hard to turn your head to breathe.
  • Lift the handlebars on your bike so you can change your posture.