What to do if there's a dispute

Sometimes you may disagree with your worker or the insurer about a workers compensation claim. If this happens there are ways to resolve the dispute.

Everyone’s situation is different. That’s why after reading this information, we also encourage you to call us on 13 10 50 so we can talk you through any questions you might have.

Talk with your insurer first

If you have any issues about your worker’s claim you should contact your insurer first. They are familiar with your worker’s circumstances and trained to take action and/or escalate your concerns.

Call us

If you have raised an issue with the insurer and are dissatisfied with the outcome or decision, you can contact our Customer Service Centre on 13 10 50.

They will review your issue including whether the insurer’s management of the claim is in line with workers compensation legislation.

Contact the Workers Compensation Independent Review Office (WIRO)

WIRO helps workers and employers who are unhappy with an insurer decision to resolve disputes by contacting the insurer directly. WIRO can provide general advice about entitlements and obligations. They also provide funding for legal advice for workers.

For more information, call WIRO on 13 94 76 or visit

Other options

If further action is required and we are unable to assist, we will explain your options.

Depending on the nature of your concern or complaint you may seek assistance from: