How to plan for recovery at work

Our recover at work planning tool and template can help you and your worker plan their recovery.

You should:

  • describe the plan in writing
  • provide copies of the plan to the worker and their doctor
  • provide the worker with a written copy of any changes made to the plan.

You may come across risk factors that could affect their recovery. Learn more about these by reading Identifying personal and environmental risk factors with FACTORWEB. If you think your worker has any of these risk factors, talk with your insurer for assistance.

Other help with getting people back to work is also available.

The insurer may appoint a workplace rehabilitation provider to help address factors which may affect your worker’s ability to recover at/return to work. These factors may include difficulty identifying suitable work, assistance with equipment and workplace modification needs, complex injury or communication breakdown.

Even if there are no available duties, you have an obligation to actively participate in the recover at work planning process.