Training program

This program can help you develop new skills and qualifications for a different role with your pre-injury employer or start a new job.

COVID-19 update:  

Workers who are currently undertaking face to face training funded by SIRA, may need support to access equipment to study online if their training institution requires this.

What do I need to do? Discuss with the insurer and submit your request using the training application form and providing the information under the 'Do you need an extension amendment?' heading for the equipment if needed

Workers who may have to suspend their return to work for an extended period due to their workplace scaling back/closing down, may wish to consider if training could be used during this period to retain their motivation and prevent disengagement. For more information see SIRA’s training program materials

What do I need to do? Apply using the training application form. Document the reasons any of the program principles may not strictly be met and contact if you are unsure.

What is it?

The training program can be used to pay for the costs associated with completing training with TAFE, a university or registered training organisation.

Costs might include course fees and associated expenses like stationery, textbooks, essential course equipment, travel and accommodation.

Read the training program guidance material for more information.


You are eligible if you:

  • are receiving or entitled to receive, weekly workers compensation payments when the program commences
  • haven’t accepted a commutation or work injury damages settlement
  • have used your entitlement to the education or training assistance benefit where eligible

How to apply

Speak to your workplace rehabilitation provider, or insurer case manager about using the training program if you can’t return to your job.

They will:

If your request to use a SIRA-funded program has not been approved, find out how to request a review of a program decision.

Further information